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KC Cottrell - Seoul, South Korea

Dust Collection Systems – Electrostatic precipitator

Gas Cleaning Systems - FGD , SWFGD, De-NOx, De-SOx

Ash Collection Systems

Solar Power Plants

Nol-Tec Europe - Milan, Italy 

Dust Collection Systems – Filter Bags

Waste Gas Cleaning Tower - Scrubber

Pneumatic Conveying Systems


Dosing and Weighing

Control And Automation

Testori Group - Milan, Italy

Filter Bags

Supporting Cages

Technical Fibers  – Rolls of Fabric

Air Slide Belts

Filter Press Cloth and Plates

Rath Group - Vienna, Austria

Special Shaped Bricks

Insulation Fire Bricks

Insulation Wools


Sliding gates



Ceramic Filters

Vibroprocess - Arcore, Italy

Vibrating Screens

Magnetic Separators


Vibrating Conveyors

Dryers and Coolers

Vidmar Group - Barcelona, Spain

Dosing and Continuous Weighing Equipment

Heavy and Light Duty Dosing Belt

Apron Feeders Weigh

Micro Feeders

Belt Weighers

Flowmeters and dosing valves

Vacant Quantity Measurement Feeders

Materials Preparation and Packaging Equipment

Galvi Newcomen- Lissone, Italy

Electro-hydraulic shoe Brakes

Emergency Braking Systems

Brake Motors

Calipers and hydraulic units

Brake drums and Flexible Couplings


Setec Group - Torino, Italy

Screw Jacks

Linear Actuators

Linear Units

Worm gears

Mechatronic Servo systems

Testing reference