About Us

About Us

Welcome to AKTEC !

AKTEC as a company operating in the field of import and marketing of Industrial products/projects is bringing 12 companies across Europe and South Korea together and growing rapidly.

AKTEC puts excessive emphasis on cooperating with the companies which are among the world's leading names in their field.

As a company closely interested in air pollution control, AKTEC has put his signature under important projects with KC Green Holdings which is one of the largest APC group of South Korea known as global leader in the field.

In order to prevent [PM (powder), O2, SO2, CO, NO2] emissions into the atmosphere, AKTEC continues its studies without pausing. A good balance between efficient operation and pollution reduction should be established. The solutions offered by AKTEC, increase efficiency and provide protection of the emission limits.

AKTEC, together with Italian Testori Group offers technical textiles products for gas / dust and liquid filtration, and together with Austrian Rath Group released ceramic filtration candles for hot gas filtrations and high quality refractory materials.

Apart from environmental activities; AKTEC creates engineering solutions together with Galvi Newcomen, VibroProcess and Vidmar in many different sectors.

AKTEC Service network extends from particularly Turkey to Iran, Egypt, Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Oman.

Our Corporate Values

Innovation; adapting to developing and changing industry rapidly.

Quality service; providing a high level of customer satisfaction.

Reliability and Reputability; establishing long-term relationships.

True ethics; being always honest and fair.

Discipline: providing result-oriented services.

Leadership; sharing and being successful

Humanity; human-centered approach.

Environment; love and protect nature.