Since 20 years, Modulift is able to offer complete heavy lifting engineering services from start to finish.  Modulifts expert team helps you solve your lifting problems, advise on Lifting Rig planning, design Custom Lifting Equipment or manufacture quality-assured products to the highest specifications.

The Mission is to globally deliver expertise through innovative designs of quality products and customer satisfaction whilst ensuring a safe lifting environment.

What sets Modulift apart?

  • Quality design expertise to design any beam for any heavy lift, anywhere
  • Quality engineering
  • Separate Proof Load Test not essential as all Spreader Beams come with design conformity – keeping costs down for the customer
  • Stock all capacities up to 600t at all spans
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Re-usable for multiple lifts over years to come
  • Lightweight
  • Separate drop links provide flexibility other Spreader Beams don’t offer
  • Cheaper package overall – no additional pipe costs, no need for certs, cheaper transport, includes insurance liability and DNV Design Review Report