Rath Group

Rath is a specialist in refractory technologies with an extensive product range of refractory materials for application temperatures of up to 1900°C, supported by a comprehensive range of services.

Founded by August Rath Jr. in 1891 as a family business, Rath is an Austrian company with a long tradition and has turned into a global company. It continues to work on refractory technology as an expert in the international arena.

Rath Group manufactures in its own facilities using high quality raw materials. Rath Group having no production site in the Far East has made investments in the United States and in Europe.

Combining solutions in niche topics with its modern technologies, Rath is a leading supplier in the world.Rath has total of 7 different manufacturing plants in Austria, Germany, Hungary and the USA. Rath group manufactures a wide spectrum of innovative refractory products.

Rath group products are used for different purposes from NASA space crafts to the production of iron, steel or glass. Rath Group focuses on the specific applications. It is strategically aligned for this market, and sees solid growth opportunities as confirmed by the customers.

High Alumina based Bricks, Mortar, Plates, Insulation Bricks, Ceramic Filters, Ceramic Fiber and Alumina Oxide Blankets, special shaped materials and adhesives are the leading products.

Quality is the top priority target for Rath Group.

Engineering → Refractory Materials Production → Supervision → Installation → Aftermarket Service

Providing solutions for high temperature and wear problems of steel, annealing furnaces, non-ferrous alloys, ceramics, environment and energy, chemical and petrochemical, and glass industries;

RATH Group manufactures and provides service all over the world.

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Rath Group offers high quality solutions for indoor and outdoor fireplaces and stoves. Other than industrial areas, "AMBIANCE FIREPLACES" products are preferred by hotels, restaurants and homes and exhibit modern perspective with their products and designs.

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