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Pneumatic Conveying and Air Pollution Control

Together with environmental protection systems including Ash Handling Systems, DSI (Dry Sorebent Injection) patented Gas Cleaning Systems, Dust Collection Systems, Fabric Filters, Process Filtration Systems; Conversion of Electrostatic Filter to Bag Filter, Cyclones, Wet Scrubber Towers, Nol-Tec provides cutting edge solutions, spare parts and engineering service.
Being doctor of pneumatic systems Nol-Tec is able to overcome challenging projects. Nol-Tec has expertise in conveying different kind of materials such as soda, calcite and ash. The company offers tailor-made solutions to its customers. It provides solutions to the world's leading tire manufacturers on process and transportation of carbon black (Carbon Black Handling). Air pollution systems with Nol-Tec's DSI (Dry Sorbent Injection) Sorb-N-Ject technology designed for coal fired electrical generation facilities are practical alternatives for FGD. Nol-Tec's patented technology enable minimization of sulfur dioxide (SOx /SO2) emissions.

Power and Energy Plants
Iron-Steel Industry
Chemical/Petrochemical Industry
Cement Industry
Foundry Industry
Copper Industry
Tire-Rubber Industry
Glass Industry
Food Industry
Environmental Industry
Animal Feed Industry
Pharma Industry


Dense Phase Conveying
The main objective of dense phase conveying systems is to avoid granular fracture of materials, and by preventing corrosion occuring in the pipes and elbows to transfer of the material in low speeds.
In this way the material is transported without change in grain structure, size and density besides, when the transported material and air ratio are compared, the amount of air used is minimum.
There are three different methods used for dense phase conveying:
Transport by Pressure vessel (transporter),
Transport by Cell feeders (rotary valve) using "slow flow" principle,
Vacuum dense phase transport

Dilute Phase (Dilute Phase) Conveying
The dilute phase conveying is characterized by low efficiency ratio which is lower than 5 kg product per 1 kg air at low conveying speeds. The dilute phase conveying can be performed through pressure (positive) or vacuum (negative) mode. It uses blower to generate air force. It is preferred more often for the cases where the conveying distance and the capacity are low.

Nol-Tec’s pneumatic blender was developed in the mid 80’s to answer the need for a valid alternative to remove the disadvantages of traditional mechanical blenders in fiberglass industry. The blending system being used primarily for this application is now commonly used to homogenize mixtures of various ingredients. Blender consists of aerators (nozzles) and control systems. The compressed air is injected from the aerator (nozzle), creates a circular motion moving the product from bottom to the top while blending and forms the mixture.

Dosing and Weighting
Nol-Tec Europe also deals with static and dynamic weighing systems.  Static weighing is usually performed by loading cells mounted on silo supports. The stock and level information necessary for the process is provided in this way. The dynamic weighing systems are used in dosing belt weigher or decreasing weight weighing system (loss of weight) applications.

Control and Automation
Nol-Tec field and application experience is not limited to supplying pneumatic conveying systems but also includes the control and automation of those systems. This experience has been the basis for the establishment of Nol-Tec Automation and Service. Thus, the startup activities and system service is carried out by a specialized organization.

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