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With 51 years of history, GALVI has been manufacturing Shoe Brakes, Disc Brakes, Electrohydraulic Thrusters, Emergency Braking Systems and Shock Absorber Buffers.

Our products are typically used in crane and iron-steel industry, ports, mining, shipyards, construction, mechanical, cement and paper industry, power stations, waste management, belt conveyors, mixers and people transport mechanisms.

With facilities having a total closed area of 24.100 m², GALVI offers European quality with competitive prices.


NV.HYD Shoe Brakes

GD - GA Couplings and Brake Drums

HYDRO Thrusters

PC.HYD Thruster Calipers

PE Hydraulic Calipers

PN Hydraulic Calipers

SLDU Hydraulic Calipers

EMEHYD Hydraulic Calipers

GRA Flexible Couplings and Discs

GSX Gear Couplings and Discs

MBS Metallic Buffers

RME Polyurethane Buffers

RMV Polyurethane Buffers

Make-to-order products: NV.HYD special series shoe brakes manufactured for DEMAG Cranes & Components GmbH (Since 2011, GALVI supplies all DEMAG brakes)

Our services we offer to our customers:

Technical service for selection of Shoe Brakes and Disc Brakes,

Technical service for selection of GALVI Buffers.

Technical services for the maintenance and replacement of old or inoperative brake systems: Brake system problems should be examined on-site by us. After customer visit, equivalent GALVI products will be supplied to replace the old and inoperative brake systems.

Replacement of worn brake shoes: bonding new asbestos-free linings as per DIN 15435 to the aluminum or steel bodied brake shoes by friction welding method. We offer our brake shoes complying with DIN standards to the service of our customers.

We give spare part, modernization and maintenance services for all GALVI products.(We do not give spare part service for Galvi brakes produced between 1962 and 1975).

CNC Machining of cylindrical holes and keyways and dynamic balancing of any GALVI Coupling or Brake drum.

Certified brake systems for people transport mechanisms: Including the design and manufacturing of project specific disc brake systems and calculation reports for ministerial use, we offer a complete service. 

We provide free technical support for GALVI brake selection.

Simply fill out the form below and submit it to us:

1. Selection form for disc brakes (drum or between the motor and gear unit).

Data for selection of Galvi Brakes on high speed shaft (between motor and gear box)
for main hoist drive
(Form valid also for selection of Galvi Brakes on slow speed shaft)

2. Brake selection form for crane systems (between the motor and gear unit)

Data for selection of Galvi Brakes on high speed shaft (between motor and gear box)

for trolley and bridge travelling

3. Brake selection form for Belt conveyor systems (between the motor and gear unit).

Data for selection of Galvi Brakes on high speed shaft (between motor and gear box)

for belt conveyor            

After completing registration, you can directly log in and download the 3D product images.

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